Individualized Online Catalogs

Easy selling with individualized catalogs

CoreXpand's Catalog-4-ONE is the online selling environment and communications tool that lets you create individualized online catalogs that dynamically reflect your key customers’ pricing, products, order history and status information, so you can sell better and marketing to them individually. With our unique supply chain management software, you'll be able to build individualized online stores, create supply chain strategies, increase your business-to-business ecommerce, improve your b2b marketing communications, develop a base of loyal customers, and much, much more.

When it comes to selling and marketing, Catalog-4-ONE is a simple yet powerful way to manage all your customers, catalogs and pricing with one convenient interface.

Catalog-4-ONE - build individualized online stores

Catalog-4-ONE will help you

If you want greater customer loyalty, efficiency and profitability from your supply chain, then contact us today to learn how to individualize your online catalog program.

Catalog-4-ONE - supply chain management software

Contact us to learn how to individualize your online catalog program

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